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American Museum of Magic - Jeffrey Alan

American Museum of Magic

Interview with Jeffrey Alan, Magician

In this interview, Jeffrey tells us how he became and musician and the backstory behind Michigan being the top destination for magicians from around the globe.

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St Julian Winery & Distillery

St Julian Wines

Nancie Oxley

St Julian Wines are synonymous with Michigan.  Learn more about the history of this great wine company and how they create all those great tasting wines!

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Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

Mariah Summers

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is a great destination, no matter what time of the year.  With so many great activities going on in the UP, Keweenaw is a great destination to hang your hat and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  Mariah shares with us the history of the lodge and a small handful of great things to do.

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