Call of Leadership

The Call of Leadership

Book Corner: Josh’s Book – Helping Men Elevate Their Relationships

Relationships are an area all of us can improve one.  Josh Wesolek decided to take his ideas and turn them into a book.  Quick and easy to read, this book gives men 30 different ways to show up for the women who they love. Show Notes: By buying this book, you are accomplishing three things […]

T Minus 6 Days: Launch and Expectations

Yesterday on Facebook, I released the trailer for the podcast. It was bitter sweet. It was great in that I could show a snippet of the great stories to come.  Interviews that I captured with some spectacular guests.  And I can’t wait to release it into the wild. Bitter because on my list of top […]

Origins – Straight from the Heart

Welcome to my heart. I find I don’t know how to start.  For someone who loves words, they now escape me. I’ll just write.  You just read.  Between us, I hope we can connect. It’s interesting.  This journey called life.  Things I use to be certain about and now know are bunk.  Things I once […]