Call of Leadership

The Call of Leadership

Ep 70: Living Life On Your Own Terms with Jim Doyon

What does it take to live life on your own terms? Jim Doyon knows and he shares that with us today. From starting his own business, helping others grow theirs, to taking his family on an extended multi-year road trip, Jim shows no signs of slowing down and he’s loving it.

Ep 69: Season 3 Announcement!

In this episode, I talk about what happened to cause this super long break in the podcast.  And how it’s coming back!  We have new people coming by as well as old friends who are sharing their incredible stories and journeys with us. Welcome to Season 3! Transcript: Hello everyone and welcome back to another […]

Book Corner: Josh’s Book – Helping Men Elevate Their Relationships

Relationships are an area all of us can improve one.  Josh Wesolek decided to take his ideas and turn them into a book.  Quick and easy to read, this book gives men 30 different ways to show up for the women who they love. Show Notes: By buying this book, you are accomplishing three things […]

Detroit Lions Quarter Back Eric Hipple

Eric Hipple Detroit Lions Quarterback

Making it as a quarterback for an NFL Franchise would be the high point in anyone’s life.  Eric Hipple shares with us his climb to become a world-class athlete.  Then his fall into depression after retirement.  Now Eric plays a new game.  Perhaps the most important of his life.  Bringing awareness of depression and the […]

Cliff Duvernois – The Choice of Leadership

Cliff Duvernois - Choice of Leadership

In this episode, I share how the podcast is doing; lessons I’ve learned from other leaders; I also talk about that TV show called Lost.  I still think they crash landed on Gilligan’s Island. 3 Key Takeaways Leadership starts with a personal choice There is no ideal time to be a leader.  Uncertainty demands leadership. […]

Travis Mills – Never Give Up. Never Quit.

Travis Mills -

Resources Travis Mills Foundation: Click here. Travis Mills Foundation on Facebook: Click here. Follow Travis on Facebook: Click here. 3 Take Aways Having a great sense of humor helps people to handle situations better. Always look for the next adventure. Never give up. Sponsors Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue:  This super cat friendly, no-kill cat […]

Introduction to the Call of Leadership Podcast

Cliff Duvernois

Why should you listen? Great question! I talk about the origins of this podcast and what leadership It took 3 months of kicking around ideas.  Another 3 months of solid execution.  But “The Call of Leadership” podcast has finally arrived!  In this episode, I talk about the genesis of this podcast; who influenced me; and […]