Call of Leadership

The Call of Leadership

How Jodie Kieliszewski Built Bee Lovely Botanicals Using Etsy

Jodie Kieliszewski Bee Lovely Botanicals

Jodie Kieliszewski and her family were facing hard times. Luckily, a little side hobby they started proved to be a very nice business. Now her whole family has jumped on board, creating great products for their clients using their bees. Find out how she got started and how Etsy proved to be a valuable tool […]

Cliff Duvernois – The Choice of Leadership

Cliff Duvernois - Choice of Leadership

In this episode, I share how the podcast is doing; lessons I’ve learned from other leaders; I also talk about that TV show called Lost.  I still think they crash landed on Gilligan’s Island. 3 Key Takeaways Leadership starts with a personal choice There is no ideal time to be a leader.  Uncertainty demands leadership. […]

Jeff Drozdowski – Leadership through Service

Jeff Drozdowski

Resources: Jeff Drozdowski’s Website Click Here. Jeff Drozdowski’s Podcast Click here. 3 Key Takeaways The best leadership is leadership by example. Set everyone up for success No matter the situation, family is important. Sponsors Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue:  This super cat friendly, no-kill cat shelter has been finding cute kitties homes for over 16 […]

Travis Mills – Never Give Up. Never Quit.

Travis Mills -

Resources Travis Mills Foundation: Click here. Travis Mills Foundation on Facebook: Click here. Follow Travis on Facebook: Click here. 3 Take Aways Having a great sense of humor helps people to handle situations better. Always look for the next adventure. Never give up. Sponsors Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue:  This super cat friendly, no-kill cat […]