Call of Leadership

The Call of Leadership

AirZoo Aerospace and Science Experience with Troy Thrash

Imagine my surprise to discover that Michigan has an Aerospace Museum.  And it is awesome!  Troy Thrash and his staff worked incredibly hard to elevate this museum into a family experience.  It piques curiosity and tickles the imagination.  Located over by Kalamazoo, this museum is definitely worth the trek. Links: Airzoo Aerospace and Science Experience Website […]

Gilmore Car Museum with Ken Fischang

Gilmore Car Museum Ken Fischang

America has a car culture.  At the center is Michigan.  We are forever cemented into car history.  And there’s no better place to see this than at the Gilmore Car Museum.  What started as a hobby soon turned into a mission.  A mission now shared by hundreds of people.  Ken Fischang shares that mission with […]

Capital City BBQ with Linh Lee

Capital City BBQ Linh Lee

Linh Lee has had to overcome her share of obstacles in life.  Coming to a foreign country, building a business, and pleasing her demanding grandmother in the kitchen!  One day, Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives featured her restaurant to a national audience and her business exploded!  Listen to her amazing story of how she not only […]

Detroit Zoo with Gerry VanAcker

Detroit Zoo Gerry VanAcker

I can’t tell you the number of times we went to the Detroit Zoo when I was a kid.  Gerry VanAcker, the Chief Operating Officer of the Detroit Zoological Society, walks us through how the Detroit Zoo continues to impact the region as well as the great care they give the animals in their charge.  What are the new exhibits to be seen?  What are the upcoming events?  It’s all right here.

Belle Isle Detroit with Ron Olson, Chief DNR

Belle Isle Detroit Ron Olson

Belle Isle is the little natural jewel, located in the middle of Detroit.  With a colorful, interesting past, Belle Isle has become a great spot to not only enjoy the natural beauty of the isle but also providing great views of downtown Detroit.  Ron Olson, Chief of the Department of Natural Resources, shares what makes […]

Castle Museum of Saginaw County with Jonathan Webb

Jonathan Webb - Saginaw Castle Museum

The Saginaw County Castle Museum is not only a showcase of Mid-Michigan’s history but also a recorder of it.  Jonathan Webb shares the history of this incredible Museum and the history that it has captured.

Detroit Lions Quarter Back Eric Hipple

Eric Hipple Detroit Lions Quarterback

Making it as a quarterback for an NFL Franchise would be the high point in anyone’s life.  Eric Hipple shares with us his climb to become a world-class athlete.  Then his fall into depression after retirement.  Now Eric plays a new game.  Perhaps the most important of his life.  Bringing awareness of depression and the […]

Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society

Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society

Happy Halloween!  Let’s talk with the guys who hunt for those things that go bump in the night.  Brad Blair and Tim Ellis are part of the UP Paranormal Research Society.  The real deal.  In this interview they provide us with: The inner workings of a real paranormal team Paranormal Conventions Their favorite goosebump-inducing story […]

Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses with Dianna Stampfler

Michigans Haunted Lighthouses with Dianna Stampfler

Michigan has more lighthouses than any state in the union.  Most of those are haunted.  Meet Dianna Stampfler who literally wrote the book on these ghost-infested landmarks.  We talk about Michigan’s top 3 most haunted lighthouses. Enjoy this spooky episode! Show Notes: Her Book:  Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses The Book’s Website: Transcript:

Helping Students Create Meaningful Impact Businesses with Matt Gira

FounderCo - Matt Gira

Academia and entrepreneurship always seem to clash. But not for Matt. He leveraged his entrepreneurial skills gained in college to develop course curricula for other students. He now heads up FounderCo, a company helping students build startup companies that make meaningful impact. Show Notes: FounderCo Website (Click here) FounderCo Podcast (Click here)